Institut für Umformtechnik
und Leichtbau
Technische Universität Dortmund
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Campus Süd
Maschinenbau III, Raum 4.004
D-44227 Dortmund
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Projektmanager: Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Staupendahl

The “Research Center for Industrial Metal Processing“ (ReCIMP) was founded in the beginning of 2013. It is supported by Faurecia, an international company specialized on automotive products, the IUL and TU Dortmund University. The ReCIMP aims at advancing and deepening of scientific knowledge on innovative metal production processes, process chains and hybrid processes, the analysis of new scientific trends in metal processing, and networking with leading research institutes and companies. To reach these aims, the ReCIMP is set up as a central organizational entity which can benefit from the competences of all departments of the IUL. This structure works in close cooperation with Faurecia – especially with the divisions seating and emission control technologies – to ensure the fulfillment of project requirements.   Cooperations:
Faurecia Logo
Faurecia Logo

For a detailed view on the current status of the ReCIMP project follow this link to the ReCIMP project page.