Process for Manufacturing Composite Components by a Combination of Deep Drawing and Cold Forging

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: 289596321
Contact: Johannes Gebhard M. Sc.

The combination of deep drawing and cold forging, the so-called draw-forging process, enables the production of composite components consisting of an aluminum core and a steel shell.

In this way, the advantages of different materials, such as the low weight of aluminum and the high strength of steels, can be brought together appropriately. In the research project the product range of draw forging is extended by the process variants draw-forging with a pierced blank (see Figure a) and direct successive draw-forging (see Figure b). In the first variant, perforated circular blanks are used to cover any section of a shaft. In the second process variant, the metal blank is deep-drawn in several steps and then extruded together with the aluminum core. The drawing ratio and the coated length can be increased significantly by successive deep drawing. Both process variants were successfully carried out experimentally and first limits for the sheet metal geometries and process parameters were identified.

a) Draw-forging with pierced blank, b) Direct successive draw-forging