Linear Joining of Profiles with Increased Sealing Requirements

Funding: AiF/Stifterverband Metalle
Project: 21048 N
Contact: Florian Kneuper M. Sc.

In cooperation with the Laboratory of Materials and Joining technology (LWF) at Paderborn University, this project investigates the development and implementation of a novel extrusion concept for the production of profiles with increased sealing requirements for battery housings.

Especially in the context of electromobility, the impermeability of assemblies is of fundamental importance. The solution to achieve these goals involves a simulation-supported development of profile geometry, the setting of extrusion parameters, and local cooling strategies to produce profiles with ideal properties for a downstream, optimized joining process (see figure). The joining process is to be realized by forming technology, ideally on the basis of a press stroke. After the development of corresponding profiles, the resulting impermeability of the linear joints will be investigated and the results will be evaluated in the context of the manufacturing and joining process. Initial investigations are concerned with the profile design by identifying structures suitable for joining.

Design and development of extrusion profiles suitable for joining