Production of Flange-Shaped Components by Cold Forging of Composite Hot Extruded Semi-Finished Products

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: 404239924
Contact: Patrick Kotzyba M. Sc.

The aim of the project is the development of a process route consisting of composite hot extrusion with tubular reinforcing elements and subsequent cold forging to produce flange-shaped components.

While the extrusion process is carried out at the IUL, the Institute of Metal Forming (IFU) in Stuttgart is responsible for further processing of the semi-finished products by means of lateral extrusion.

Initially, hybrid profiles were extruded from the combination of AA6060 as matrix material and AA7075 as reinforcing element. Figure a shows the cross sections of extruded semi-finished products utilizing reinforcing tubes with different initial inner and outer diameters di and da. A process window was determined numerically which shows the process success with regard to the extrusion ratio and the relative tube outside diameter (see Figure b). Process errors occur at high values of these parameters. Low values reduce the weldquality so that the desired solid-state bonding does not occur.

a) Light microscopy images of three composite profiles, b) Process window of AA6060 – AA7075