Shape Prediction and Improvement for Canning of Non-Round Tubes

Funding: ReCIMP
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Till Clausmeyer

Exhaust systems for automobiles are facing increased requirements on utilization of assembly space.

Consequently, the demand for non-round tubes increases. To comply with the required shape tolerances of complex nonround-tubes, a finite-element model of the forming process chain was created. A challenge was to adequately consider unknown or variable process parameters in the simulation. The chosen approach enabled the prediction of shape deviation within the required tolerance for different shapes (see figure). The subsequent filling process (canning) is currently being considered. Only this filling process turns the formed tubes into an exhaust component. In this process a stiff ceramic is encased in a soft bearing mat and inserted into the tube. This results in an undesired deviation of the shape of the pipe component. Currently, various approaches are being investigated to numerically map the filling process. The aim is to predict the further change in shape caused by canning as well as the load on the sensitive inner component.

Continuous prediction of the shape during the canning process chain