Analysis of the Application Potential of Roll-Clad MnB-CrSteel Composites for Press Hardening

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: 444548865
Contact: Markus Stennei M. Sc.

Press hardening is used for the production of high-strength components which are, for example, installed in safety-relevant areas of the automobile.

Due to the high process temperatures, coated sheets must be used as a protection against oxidation. However, the coatings are not resistant to high temperatures, so diffusion layers must be formed. These require low heating rates and long holding times. To reduce the process time, the extent to which the coatings can be replaced by stainless steel cover plates is being investigated in cooperation with the IBF of RWTH Aachen University. An austenitic (1.4301) and a martensitic stainless steel (1.4021) are being investigated as top layer and the boron-manganese steel 22MnB5 as core material. In the next step, these plates will be materially bonded at the IBF during the rolling process (roll cladding). The variation of the materials and their layer thickness ratios enables the production of load-adapted lightweight components. The roll clad semi-finished products are subsequently evaluated in terms of forming technology at the IUL.

Potential for improvement in press hardening by using roll-clad semi-finished products